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Re-Elect John Rebholz


Beaufort County's Aging Population

John Rebholz is passionate about Securing a Future for Our Seniors. "This is not just a slogan to me," says Rebholz. "This is a promise that I am making to Beaufort County Senior Citizens."

John is deeply rooted in our community and is dedicated to a future with NO TAX INCREASES. John recognizes the financial challenges those on fixed incomes face, but his vision goes beyond the financial aspect


He is involved in senior-centric events, programs and workshops so that he stays current on the needs and concerns of our senior citizens and that he is actively addressing those needs and concerns.

John worked hard to ensure that 400 employees received salary increases, knowing that this would not only boost the local economy but also ensure our seniors are offered top tier community services.

John values your input and support in making our seniors well-being a priority, in honoring their legacy and by providing a future they can thrive in.

You can show your support by donating to senior focused efforts or by joining our Seniors Rights Advocacy Team.

Re-Elect John Rebholz

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