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Re-Elect John Rebholz


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Empowering Our Community: John Rebholz's Vision for a Thriving Beaufort County Workforce

Hello friends of Beaufort County!

Today, let's talk about something super important for our future – workforce development. It's a big deal, and I have some great ideas on how to make our workforce stronger and more skilled. Let's dive in!

1. Keeping Our Talent Local: A big issue we're facing is our talented young professionals and skilled workers moving away for better opportunities. This isn't great for our local economy. But I've got a plan! I'm all about reversing this trend and keeping our talent in Beaufort County, contributing to our growth and prosperity. This means more jobs and a stronger community for all of us!

2. Training for Today's Needs: Ever wonder how we can make sure everyone's got the skills they need for our local industries? I'm pushing for educational and training programs that align with what our industries need. This means training that's super relevant and immediately useful. It's all about having the right skills for the job market right here in Beaufort County.

3. Beyond Traditional Degrees: Here's something we should know by now – not every career needs a four-year degree. I understand this and support vocational and skill-related training. This opens up so many doors to rewarding careers, no matter your educational background. It's about giving everyone a shot at a fulfilling job.

4. Tackling Housing Challenges: Training's not the only thing on my mind. I know housing is a big barrier for many. So, I'm working on making sure that people who work in our community can actually live here too. That's right – making Beaufort County a home for all of us.

5. Building a Future Together: I'm not just planning; I'm doing. Working with the local governments and always listening to what the community needs, I'm actively trying to build a better future for our workforce - and need your help!

It's all about empowering and uplifting our community. Join me in making Beaufort County stronger and more vibrant. It's about investing in our most valuable asset – the people of Beaufort County.

Let's make it happen, together, For A Stronger Beafuort County!

John Rebholz


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John Rebholz is a dedicated leader and advocate for Beaufort County, focusing on key community issues and ensuring a brighter future for all residents. With his commitment to positive change and community development, learn more about his vision and initiatives at




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