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Re-Elect John Rebholz


Empowering our Workforce for Tomorrow

In today's rapidly evolving economic landscape, the strength of a community lies in the skills and adaptability of its workforce. John Rebholz recognizes this pivotal truth and is deeply committed to fostering a robust, skilled, and resilient workforce that not only meets but anticipates the demands of our local industries.

A significant concern is the outward migration of talent. Young professionals and skilled workers leaving our community in search of better opportunities elsewhere weakens our local economy and diminishes our collective potential. John Rebholz is determined to reverse this trend, ensuring that our talent stays right here, contributing to our community's growth and prosperity.

But how do we ensure that our workforce is equipped with the right skills? The answer lies in aligning educational and training initiatives with industry needs. John Rebholz champions programs that focus on the specific demands of our local industries, ensuring that training is relevant, practical, and immediately applicable.

Furthermore, recognizing that not every career path necessitates a traditional four-year degree, John Rebholz is a strong advocate for promoting vocational and skill-related training. These alternative avenues of education open doors to fulfilling careers, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their educational background, has a place and purpose in our workforce.

However, the vision doesn't stop at training. With the challenge of housing being a significant barrier for many employees, John Rebholz is also dedicated to addressing housing needs, ensuring that those who work in our community can also call it home.

In collaboration with the City government and with an ear always to the ground, listening to the needs of the community, John Rebholz is not just planning for our workforce's future; he's actively building it. Join us in this mission to empower, uplift, and fortify our community's most valuable asset: its people.

Re-Elect John Rebholz

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