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Re-Elect John Rebholz


Chocowinity: The Next Horizon of Opportunity

Nestled in the heart of our region, Chocowinity stands as a beacon of untapped potential and promise. With its robust infrastructure and vast expanses of available land, it's no wonder that visionaries like John Rebholz see it as the next horizon of opportunity.

John Rebholz recognizes the inherent value that Chocowinity brings to the table. Its existing infrastructure lays a solid foundation, ready and waiting to support growth and expansion. From roads to public utilities, Chocowinity is equipped to handle the influx of businesses, industries, and community projects that are on the horizon.

But it's not just about infrastructure. The available land in Chocowinity presents a canvas for innovation and development. John Rebholz envisions a future where this land is transformed into thriving businesses, recreational areas, and community hubs, all contributing to the region's economic and social fabric.


Collaboration is key to realizing this vision. John's strong working relationship with the City government ensures that expansion efforts are not only well-coordinated but also beneficial for all stakeholders involved. By fostering partnerships and open dialogues, John aims to make Chocowinity's expansion a community-driven endeavor.

Join us in this exciting journey as we work towards harnessing Chocowinity's potential. Together, under John Rebholz's leadership, we can shape a future where Chocowinity stands as a testament to growth, collaboration, and community spirit.

Re-Elect John Rebholz

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